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Group lesson Program 2019

a series of Shojin sytle vegan, Zen bouddhist cuisine


Specialists of Japanese style vegan cuisine



藤井まり:精進料理研究家。「旬の禅ごはん」など著書多数。Mari Fujii, author of many recipes books about Shojin Ryori including the one in English, “Enlightened Kitchen”, teaches more than 30 years.


暁美五月 :「おばあちゃんの精進ごはん」著者の姉妹 Akemi & Satsukiauthors of 2 books “Obaachan no Shojin Ryori”. Vol.1 is translated in English “Grandma’s Shojin Ryori – Japanese Vegetarian Home Cooking”.

For the program, please click below for Atelier-Cafe Kamakura Meetup page.




Kamakura 鎌倉> 

Espace privé, 15 min from Kamakura sta.


Harajuku 原宿> 

Cafe Espace Langue Tokyo. 1 min from Meiji Jingumae sta. on Fuku Toshin line



Information /reservation by e-mail.


DINNER MEETUP                            ディナー

Dinner-Meetup with a regional speciality theme and an original menu proposed by Miyumi Chiba.

This is the first in a series of dinners introducing vegan cuisine inspired by specialities from each prefecture in Japan. Once a month, Miyumi presents the unique idea of appreciating the variety of tastes and learning about the characteristics of regional food throughout Japan.

For September, the popular vegetables and products of Hokkaido will be introduced for a dinner composed of an appetizer, main dish and dessert. There will be a “tasting and comparing” of certain ingredients to learn about fusion ideas.

*All vegan and gluten-free.

The objective of this Dinner-Meetup is to introduce the recipes and ideas which are good for our health and for the planet as well as Japanese ingredients and fusion cooking ideas, which are also easy to prepare at home.

The menu is also designed for people who wish to continue cooking overseas, so we choose seasonal vegetables and certain ingredients which are easy to find outside of Japan as well.

We wish to have this Dinner-Meetup to share and exchange the many ideas about living a healthy lifestyle among participants of different backgrounds as well as the chef and staff.

**Miyumi Chiba, a veggie-food producer who has received the Vegetarian Award in 2019 for her activity in Tokyo Smile Veggies and Vegewel.

For the past 5 years, Miyumi has visited more than 1500 restaurants and has been devoted to popularize vegetarian meals at local restaurants and/or delis producing the menu with various vegetarian dishes.


18h30: Door open. Welcome drink (non-alcoholic).

19h: Explanation of the dishes, ingredients, seasonings…

“tasting and comparing”

19h30: Dinner service. Enjoy food and conversation.

20h30: Question and answer period to exchange information.

21h/21h30: Finish

Wednesday September 25, 18h30 – 21h

3000 yen including appetizer, main dish, dessert and tea. (wine/beer available from 500 yen)

For reservation, please contact us by e-mail :

鎌倉歴史ガイド フランチェスコ・バルデッサリ

英語で学ぶ鎌倉 :


9月29日(日)から 10回シリーズが始まります!


[Kamakura: A Historical Guide]英語版をテキストブックとして、鎌倉の歴史や名所を学びます。







10h30-11h30: テキストを使用した英語での表現や英単語の学習。

11h30-12h30: フランチェスコさんの選ぶテーマの講座と英会話。

12h30-13h30: 簡単イタリア料理を一緒に作り、食事と歓談。


日時: 2019年9月から2020年6月まで。10h30 – 13h30












日本語の講演会 (フランチェスコ氏にとっての「鎌倉の魅力」):

10月27日(日) 10時~12時

会場: 鎌倉駅前蔵書室  参加費:1500円 (ワンドリンク付き)




電子書籍 英語版は、iBooksとamazon Kindleにて。


Kamakura est une ville historique au riche patrimoine naturel et culturel. Elle est aussi connue pour la diversité de ses magasins d'alimentation traditionnelle.


Visites culinaires, rencontres avec des spécialistes, apprentissage de la cuisine...

Découvrir des magasins d'alimentations variés, rencontrer des spécialistes de domains différents, apprendre des recettes et assaissonements, visiter le supermarché pour savoir des produits alimentaires, déguster des pâtisseries wagashi, thé, biscuits au riz...


En savoir plus de formules de visites [demi-journée, une journée et deux jours], merci de nous contacter par email.









about Atelier cafe 



Atelier Cafe Culture propose the activities with the concept of "Food and Communication".


It started in 2006 when the specialiste of Shojin cooking, Mari Fujii came to Paris.

Since last year, we organise the workshop in Kamakura as well.


We program the cooking classes with several specialistes to introduce the japanese vegan cooking that people can preparer easily even outside Japan.

We try to present the cooking ideas that everybody can appreciate together even with the different background.


And also the visit in Kamakura to discover many different style of food stores, to meet the specialists, to taste the various types of food, to guided visite the supermarket...

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