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Japanese style vegetarian/vegan cuisine

Vegetarian Sushi

Washoku : Well balanced cooking for lunch and diner

7月12日と13日の催しにご参加ご来場をありがとうございました。Thank you again for your participation and collaboration.


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Atelier-Dinner SHOJIN CUISINE by Mari Fujii

July 12 (fully booked)

at Sông-bé Café, Kamakura 鎌倉ソンベカフェにて

Detail 続きを読む>>>

鎌倉を英語で学ぶ会 Learn about Kamakura in English

Each month, we invite a special guest who loves Kamakura to share their recommendations and information with us.

私の好きな鎌倉 Kamakura, let's talk story!


「George Cockleの鎌倉ガイド」著者、アメリカ人ラジオDJ・音楽プロデューサーのジョージ・カックル氏。



Tuesday July 12, 12h-14h, 15h-17h <2 spots left>

George Cockle, author of "George Cockle's Kamakura Guide" and American radio DJ and music producer. Living 30 years in Kamakura. He will introduce various kinds of Kamakura information, from hidden spots to one-day walk courses.


グレッグ オボさんは、2018年ワシントンDCから鎌倉に、愛妻の美穂さんと愛犬2匹と引越。現在、大町にLIKE (Life in Kamakura English)カフェを開店準備中(8月末予定)。Life in Kamakuraサイトに掲載してある「鎌倉の史跡碑の英語訳」制作に関するお話なども含めた、Gregさん独自の視点での鎌倉をお聞きできます。


Wednesday July 13, 15h - 17h <2 spots left>

In 2018, Greg Obaugh moved from Washington DC to Kamakura with his wife Miho and two dogs. They are preparing to open LIKE (Life in Kamakura English) Cafe in Omachi at the end of the summer. We can hear about Kamakura from Greg's original perspective, including his effort to translate Kamakura's 70 historical markers that are posted on the Life in Kamakura site.

The number of participants is limited to 10 persons for each session. 参加人数: 各回10名限定。

Participation fee: 1000 yen. Including the choice of drink: Macha/dry sweet, hot/ice coffee or Azuki Shiratama/Hojicha)

 参加費: 1000円(抹茶/落雁、ホット・アイスコーヒーまたは小豆白玉/焙じ茶付き)
Please reserve your place by e-mail お申込みはEメールで。

おやき教室 OYAKI, healthy and traditional dumpling cooking class

Oyaki is a traditional food of Nagano prefecture. It is a bun made from flour, filled with many kinds of vegetables, mixed with miso paste or soy sauce for seasoning, then baked and steamed.

In this class, we will make 5 kinds of oyaki with different ingredients that include: Nozawana leaves, carrot, gobo (burdock), eggplant, kiriboshi daikon (dried radish) and azuki (sweet red beans). It will be taught by Miyo-san, a 90-year-old grandmother who grew up in the Nagano region.



The number of participants is limited to 4 persons. 参加人数: 4名。Participation fee is 2000 yen. 参加費2000円。Lesson in English and Japanese. Recipes in both languages. 説明とレシピは日・英語。


7月12日(火)、13日(水)11:30〜12:30, 14:00〜15:00, 16:00〜17:00   参加費 : 2500円(材料費、留め金代込み)

TSUMAMI ZAIKU WORKSHOP Make original accessories with the Tsumami Zaiku technique !
The workshop will take place during the Expo-Salon on 12 & 13 July. 1h (11:30〜12:30, 14:00〜15:00 or 16h00〜17:00)

Participation: 2500 yen. Contact:

Tsumami Zaiku, directly translated as "pinched craft". It is the technique of taking several, small, square-size pieces of cloth and pinching and folding them with tweezers to shape into various items like flowers.  A glue mount keeps them together.  Originally, it was started by a craftsman in Kyoto more than 200 years ago. He first made it as a hair accessory by using the pieces of his wife's old kimono. They are popular as beautiful hair ornaments for Geisha. The technique spread and today there are many people who make their own original accessories. 

展示・サロン EXPO-SALON 

手作り作品 Hand-made creation


大島紬アクセサリー(TSURU 中川裕可里)、
Oshima tsumugi accessories by Tsuru, 

Tsumami zaiku by CHROMAX615Aya,  Obi bag by Omiyo


出展者情報 Exhibitor information


大島紬アクセサリ Ooshima-tsumugi accessories

奄美大島で 修行 を 積んだ 現役 職人が提案する「日本の素敵」をあなたに…




Oshima Tsumugi is a well-known, high-quality weaving of silk produced especially on Amami Oshima Island in Kagoshima prefecture. Doro Zome technique is one of the character : Threads dipped in muddy water and soaked until the color of the threads changes into brown. Kimono with Oshima Tsumugi is very light.  The patterns and the subtle luster are admired by kimono lovers.






帯バック Obi bag







ソンベカフェ: 鎌倉駅西口、徒歩3分。踏切横(大船方面)

Sông-bé Café : 3 min walk from Kamakura sta. Exit the station on the west side and turn right.  

The cafe is at the railroad crossing (toward Ofuna).

photo album 過去の催し

5月10日と11日の催しに、ご参加・ご協力ありがとうございました。Thank you again for your participation on May 10 & 11.


Atelier-Dinner Shojin Cuisine, Oyaki cooking class and communication cafe went very well. We all had a great learning time.


4月12日と13日の催しに、ご参加・ご協力ありがとうございました。Thank you again for your participation on April12 & 13.


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