Kamakura Historical Guide 鎌倉歴史ガイドブック

英語で学ぶ鎌倉 :「鎌倉歴史ガイド」の著者、フランチェスコ・バルデッサリ氏による特別講座。

Lecture by Francesco Baldessari, author of KAMAKURA HISTORICAL GUIDE BOOK: Vol.6 sunday February 29.

A series of monthly [Learn about Kamakura in English] by Francesco Baldessari, the author of the guide book, Kamakura Historical Guide.


[Kamakura: A Historical Guide]英語版をテキストブックとして、鎌倉の歴史や名所を学びます。



We will learn about Kamakura with his guide book. Francesco will also explain to us and share his knowledge about the history of Japan and some recommended places to visit in Kamakura by showing them on the screen.


10h30-11h30: With the guide book of Kamakura, learn about the historical, artistic, religious backgound.

11h30-12h30: Explanation and recommendation about the historical sites and courses with the photos.

12h30-13h30 (14h): Prepare lunch together with Francesco who is good at maiking Italian pasta !





10h30-11h30: テキストを使用した英語での表現や英単語の学習。

11h30-12h30: フランチェスコさんの選ぶテーマの講座と英会話。

12h30-13h30(14h): 簡単イタリア料理を一緒に作り、食事と歓談。


日時: 2020年6月まで。10h30 – 13h30










Participation : 2500 yen including lunch.

The guide book in English is available at the price of 1400 yen.


10h30 - 13h30 near Ichino Torii, 13 min walk from Kamakura sta.


Reservation by e-mail:  ateliercafekamakura@gmail.com

We will informe you the detail by e-mail; where it takes place and things to bring etc.


Nextes dates : saturday February 29, sunday March 29, saturday April 25, sunday May 24 and saturday June 27.



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