Info Kamakura 鎌倉情報

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Small cozy Korean restaurant.

Chef Makoto-san can prepare Bibimpa and soup vegetarian with the request.

She is specialist of "fermentation" and makes kimchi, shio-koji, Kom-bu-cha...

Menu : ginseng chicken soup samgyetang, barbecue...

1-2-19 Omachi. Tel.0467-53-7201.

Closed on sunday dinner and monday.


EXPOsition: Old kimono back to everyday life

Until sunday January 26. Amélie will be at the museum on wednesday and sunday.

[Old kimono back to everyday life] at Kita-Kamakura museum.

 [現代に甦る昔の着物] 林アメリ―, 古民家ミュージアム

For video/ FB ateliercafekamakura

Chabakka Tea Parks

A new kind of tearoom started by Ken Miura, specialist in nihoncha, who wish to introduce the variety of Japanese organic green teas “differently”.

He launched the <Draft tea>, <Tea Buffet> and recently <Tea & sake menu>...

11-10 Onarimachi.

Closed on wednesday.

Vege Cafe Sorafune

Several well balanced vege lunch menus to choose from.

Tables on tatami or with chairs in old Japanese house.

2-2-2 Oomachi.

Open only for lunch, 11 – 15h

Closed on Wednesday and Thursday.


masudaya tofu store

Open only wednesday and saturday morning. Kyoko-san continue this Tofu-ya started by her grand-father more than 40 years ago. From 2.30 am, she makes tofu;  Momen (cotton) & Kinu (silk) tofu, Okara, Tonyu, and fried tofu (abura-age) with the help of 83 years old mother.

Tofu pudding is good but the gelatin is used. It will be nice to make it with agar-agar kanten at home with their very fresh Tonyu soy milk,
Tofu cost 200 - 220 yen. It is possible to eat at a small bench backside of the store, next to the railway.
Masudaya Tofu, 1-14-4 Ogigayatsu

Soba restaurant shiori-an

SOBA restaurant Shiori-an propose the choice of dipping sauce/soup based with konbu kelp/shiitake mushroom (vegan) and katsuobushi bonito. Soba with kabosu citrus (photo) was very refreshing!

3 years ago, Mr.Onda opened this Soba restaurant near Daibutsu in Hase for his passion of Soba, leaving his work as engineer at one of the biggest Japanese enterprise. In addition to the hand made good quality Soba, he gives the lesson to make Soba. He has already taught more than 2000 people. The number of participants is limited to two.

Soba cost around 900 - 1300 yen. Open only for lunch. Closed Monday. 1-16-21-2F, Hase, Kamakura.