Dinner-Meetup with a regional speciality theme and an original menu proposed by Miyumi Chiba

This is a series of dinners introducing vegan cuisine inspired by specialities from each prefecture in Japan. Once a month, Miyumi presents the unique idea of appreciating the variety of tastes and learning about the characteristics of regional food throughout Japan. *All vegan.

The dinner is composed of an appetizer, main dish and dessert. There will be a “tasting and comparing” of certain ingredients to learn about fusion ideas. 

The objective of this Dinner-Meetup is to introduce the recipes and ideas which are good for our health and for the planet as well as Japanese ingredients and fusion cooking ideas, which are also easy to prepare at home.

The menu is also designed for people who wish to continue cooking overseas, so we choose seasonal vegetables and certain ingredients which are easy to find outside of Japan as well.

We wish to have this Dinner-Meetup to share and exchange the many ideas about living a healthy lifestyle among participants of different backgrounds as well as the chef and staff.


18h30: Door open. Welcome drink (non-alcoholic).

19h: Explanation of the dishes, ingredients, seasonings…

“tasting and comparing”

19h30: Dinner service. Enjoy food and conversation.

20h30: Question and answer period to exchange information.

21h/21h30: Finish


Wednesday October 23, 18h30 – 21h (AOMORI)  [wednesday November 13 (AKITA), wednesday December 19 (IWATE)]


Participation fee: 3000 yen including appetizer, main dish, dessert and tea. (wine/beer available from 500 yen)

For reservation, please contact us by e-mail :

**Miyumi Chiba, a veggie-food producer who has received the Vegetarian Award in 2019 for her activity in Tokyo Smile Veggies and Vegewel.

 For the past 5 years, Miyumi has visited more than 1500 restaurants and has been devoted to popularize vegetarian meals at local restaurants and/or delis producing the menu with various vegetarian dishes.

Dinner-Meetup at Cafe ELT, Harajuku on wednesday September 25

Lunch Party at Cafe ELT, Harajuku on sunday July 15